10 Best Mechs In Hearthstone Battlegrounds

by naveediq.70

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds, mechs are strong both on their own and as part of builds that focus on mechs. This is the top of the top.

When Hearthstone Battlegrounds first came out, mechs focused a lot on the middle of the game. During that phase, they were very strong, but they often couldn’t beat the one person in the lobby who made it to the endgame with a makeup that changed over time.

But later changes to the type of minion have made them a more well-rounded group. Their main goal is to get Divine Shields, which protect their troops from Poison and let them trade well late in the game. So, mechs are strong on their own and when put together with other mechs. These are the best mechs for every situation in Battlegrounds.


The Divine Shield ability on Pupbot makes it one of the best standalone minions in the first few turns of the game. However, Pupbot’s real strength is in its ability to stay in the game. Because it has Divine Shield, it is a great target for early buffs like Blood Gems or the different Battlecries.

There are, of course, lots of other minions with this term, but you won’t see them until you reach higher Tavern Tiers. Because you can find Pupbot so early, you can keep giving it bonuses for the rest of the game. This is very unusual for a Tavern Tier 1 unit.

Cyborg Drake

Cyborg Drake is a fun little guy. It is different in two ways: it is both a Dragon and a Mech, and when minions have Divine Shield, it can make them stronger. The buff is important because ten attack is more than enough to matter, and when the Drake’s attack is increased, it goes up to twenty, which is enough to matter even at the endgame.

Many Mechs can get Divine Shield back after losing it, so they can get the buff back (as long as the Drake is still living). Also, the Cyborg Drake’s ability works on itself, so it’s not a bad choice if you need something to play on its own, and you can use it to fill the Dragon or Mech spot in a multi-type build.

Foe Reaper 4000

By the time you find Tavern Tier 6 minions, the base stats of the Foe Reaper 4000 won’t be enough to do much damage. So, you’ll need a way to make its attack stronger. There are many ways to do that, but if you don’t do it fast enough, you might get in trouble.

Still, the Reaper is the only minion in Battlegrounds that can deal damage next to the minion it fights and can easily be given Divine Shield. It also works well with Omega Buster, which is the main buff for mechs in battle, because it increases the effects of buffs by three (as long as there are minions on both sides of the one it targets).

Grease Bot

Grease Bot has gone through a number of buffs and nerfs that have ranged from making it almost impossible to play to making it too powerful. After all of that, the minion is… fine. You can use it to buff any minion with Divine Shield, which is mostly mechs but also some other minions. This gives Grease Bot some use outside of Mech builds.

Grease Bot’s Divine Shield was taken away by the most recent change that made it less powerful. So, unless you can put Divine Shield back on it, it can no longer increase its own stats. Unfortunately, Annoy-o-Module, which is the best way to do that, also gives Taunt, which can kill the Grease Bot before it can build up your stats the way you want it to.


Mecha-Jaraxxus is one of the new minions in Battlegrounds Season 3 that has two different types. It is both a Mech and a Demon. In general, he will be more useful for Demon builds than for Mech builds, since he gives them access to the Magnetise keyword, which Mechs already have. But the card could be used in some interesting ways in Mech builds as well.

With his Battlecry, he can make a 5/5 minion with Windfury, a 1/10 minion with Taunt, and a 10/1 minion with Reborn. All of these can be useful. Taunt is easy to get, but Reborn lets you resummon minions without messing with the effect of a Deathrattle from a Monstrous Macaw. Even though Windfury is bad for any Mech whose Divine Shield can be refilled. It is great for the Foe Reaper 4000. Even if the skills of these minions aren’t very useful to you, it’s always good to have their stats. Also, Mecha-Jaraxxus and his friends will let you add Demon benefits of some kind to your Mech build if you want to.

Micro Mummy

Even before the Undead were added to Battlegrounds, Micro Mummy was a good monster. Even though the attack boost it gives is small, it can be useful early in Happy Wheels game, and having Reborn lets you call an extra mech that isn’t a Deathrattle. So, it won’t mess up the result of the Monstrous Macaw, which is to make Deathrattle effects happen.

But when Battlegrounds Season 3 came out, the Micro Mummy became a minion with two types. It was already a Mech minion, but it also became an Undead minion. So, it can take advantage of the Undead synergies, many of which increase the attack of all Undead minions, even if they were called. And since you can give Divine Shield to Micro Mummy. You can take advantage of these buffs three times on a single monster.


The fact that Deflect-o-Bot’s attack goes up after it calls in Mechs is a fun extra. But it’s not the main reason to run this monster. First of all, Deflect-o-Bot is a better choice than many bots because it has Divine Shield.

Deflect-o-Bot is better than most minions with the keyword. Because it can get it more than once during the same battle. Few things are more annoying in Battlegrounds than seeing your minions keep hitting the same Divine Shield minion without killing it.

Holy Mecherel

The Holy Mecherel is a powerful tool for Mech builds or any build with a lot of Diving Shield minions. It also has a fun name. With some careful placement, you can make it so that Mecherel’s Divine Shield recharges more than once during a single fight.

And if you can give the Mecherel itself Divine Shield and Taunt with an Annoy-o-Module and combine it with other Divine Shield minions, it becomes a shield that your enemies can always hit. If you can give two Mecherals Divine Shield, this ability can get silly. Then they will be able to trade Divine Shields with each other. If you have enough luck (okay, a lot of luck), you can keep the circle going forever.


Annoy-o-Module is a hero of Mech builds and the Battlegrounds in general that doesn’t get enough praise. It can give Divine Shield to Mechs that don’t already have it. This is one of the main reasons why Mechs are often used in multi-type builds, since you can start buffing any Mech with the plan of giving it Divine Shield once you find an Annoy-o-Module.

It can also give Divine Shield to all types of minions. Which you can then poison to make the best possible monster.

Omega Buster

The Deathrattle of the Omega Buster gives your Mechs a huge boost to their stats. When you add Titus Rivendare and the Monstrous Macaw to the mix, these stat boosts get a lot stronger. Also, Kangor’s Apprentice, the only friendly minion in the Mech pool. Lets you bring back the Omega Buster more than once.

You can also combine the Omega Buster, the Apprentice, and Rivendare with Tunnel Blaster to make an Exodia deck that is almost impossible to beat and tries to fill the board with Omega Busters that have been strengthened. The Omega Buster is your best bet if you want to win games with Mechs.

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