10 Best Ultra Moves In Chained Echoes

by naveediq.70

Ultra Moves are always helpful in Chained Echoes, but which ones are the best to use in a pinch?

Chained Echoes‘ gameplay can look familiar to fans of the genre, and on the surface, it is. You take your turn to attack the enemy, protect yourself to take less damage on the next turn, or help your party with different effects and items. Normal stuff, but when the Overdrive Gauge and Ultra Moves are taken into account, things start to look a little different.

Each character has a special Ultra Move that can be used in different ways. Some will do a lot of damage, while others will help. Even though each Ultra Move has a use in the party, some are better than others. Which one do you like best?

Ba’Thraz – Divine Genesis Impact

Being able to make a magical gun that shoots a very powerful laser at your target is definitely cool, and the fact that Ba’Thraz is a warrior with a lot of honour and power makes his Ultra Move look even cooler.

Divine Genesis Impact hits your target ten times in a row with raw power based on your current attack and ignores any elemental resistance the target may have. As big and strong as that is, it’s just the tip of what he’s going to do.

Egyl – Wall Of Ouroboros

You could say that Egyl’s skill depends on the situation. Yes, his Ultra Move, Wall of Ouroboros, could really help you get out of a bad situation in battle, but only if you have him in your party. By the time you get him, you might not want to use him because other tanks do a good job.

But think about what his Ultra Move does: it stops all physical damage for two turns for everyone in your party. It’s a huge help when your team is backed into a corner, but it could mean giving up an Ultra Move that could do a lot of harm.

Raphael – Darkest Moon Inquisition

Raphael, a good former knight of the holy church, has joined your cause. This is the other side of the negative coin. Darkest Moon Inquisition, his Ultra Move, makes all magic attacks from foes useless for two turns. As you get closer to the end, the bosses hit harder, so this can help.

Sure, he brings more than just that. Raphael does use his skills as an investigator to get spirits to do what he wants, like attack the target or heal some TP so that he can get better. All of that is fine, but nothing beats being able to call up a huge eggshell the size of a planet to protect you from magic attacks.

Victor – Cosmos Orchestra

Victor is the first spellcaster on the list. He is a magical bard, which means that he strongly depends on TP to do well in battle. It makes sense that his Ultra Move heals instead of hurts, and he can at least use wind and earth magic to defend himself, but it’s not his strong point.

With his Cosmos Orchestra, the party’s TP is fully refilled, and TP and HP are regenerated for five turns. It doesn’t sound like much, and the fact that it only works when it’s your turn might make you not want to use it, but you should at least try it once to see if it fits the way you play.

Sienna – Heavenly Twintail Swallow

Sienna is one of the most powerful characters in terms of raw power, so it makes sense that her Ultra Move, Heavenly Twintail Swallow, can hit a single enemy for thousands of damage. It takes you visually to her secret death house, where she tries to kill her target with one blow.

Even if it doesn’t always end with Sienna defeating an enemy, this Ultra Move gives Sienna two buffs that make her faster and more likely to hit critical targets. This makes her next turn more powerful.

Lenne – Supreme Elemental Rainfall

In the opposite way, Lenne’s Ultra Move is used to control crowds, while her Elemental Rainfall, which is ironic since it doesn’t do damage based on elements, hits all enemies on the field. When you first add Lenne to your party, her Ultra move doesn’t do much damage, but that’s just because she doesn’t have enough skill points yet.

Once you start levelling her numbers and gear, she becomes a wrecking ball of pain that can clear whole fields if you let her and her lance go. Lenne is most useful near the end of a fight, when she has the best chance of delivering a knockout hit.

Amalia – Howl Of Healing

Princess Amalia can heal faster and better than anyone else in Drift Boss game. Shields, heals, and auto-revives? She already has all the skills she needs to fully help the party. Well, she also has her guns and her dog, Cres, to help her.He is a nice kid.

But on top of all that, her Ultra Move, Howl of Healing, can heal everyone in the party and bring them back from the edge of loss during a tough fight, which can happen a lot if you aren’t careful. Amalia does more than her fair share at the party.

Mikah – Tiger And Dragon

Mikah’s hands are almost magical, you have to give it to her. As one of the strongest people in the group, it makes sense that her Ultra Move, Tiger and Dragon, would also do a lot of damage. Ten hits, with a good chance that half of them will be critical hits? That can’t be beat.

You can, however, add to it. Tiger and Dragon can also give the enemy status effects, like blindness, which can cause strikes to miss you on your next turn. There are some differences based on which crystals you wear, so feel free to try different things.

Magnolia – Ancient Song Of Lamentum

Magnolia is a witch who has control over the four elements. She isn’t without her tricks, though, because her card-based weapon has randomness built into how she uses it in battle. Magnolia could hit a good move with a critical hit, or she could miss completely. It’s a look that works for her.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a plan when she plays. When all else fails, Magnolia can use her Ultra Move, “Ancient Song of Lamentum,” which does light damage to the enemy party that is very hard to recover from. Her wings have a lot of power in them, so just be glad she’s on your side.

Glenn – Power Armor Salvo

So, Golden Boy Glenn is at the top of this list because his Ultra Move, Power Armour Salvo, has been strong and hurtful from the first time you met him. It hits all of the field goals, but so what? It’s something no one else has ever done.

But what gives him an advantage over characters with simple multi-target attacks is that status changes that hit your enemy are completely devastating. When he is chosen, Glenn fixes up a small mech to do his big attack. When he does, the attack has all four stat-lowering effects: Strength Break, Defence Break, Magic Break, and Mind Break.

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