5 Intriguing Google Mini Games No One Knows

by bloatedcherries

T-Rex Run, Snake, Pac-Man, etc., are among the simple but entertaining minigames that Google has included on its website. Everyone knows that Google is the largest search engine in the world, but fewer people realize that it can also be entertaining. In fact, Google has integrated some pretty cool minigames into its web browser and search engine. Although the gameplay and design are quite simple and classic, these games can help users unwind and pass the time quickly without the need for installation or the Internet.
T-Rex Run
This game can only be played when an Internet connection is lost. As an alternative to staring at the screen with “Cannot connect to the Internet” or “No Internet connection” displayed, you can now play games to pass the time while waiting for the internet to become functional again.
T-Rex is an 8-bit-styled compact game. Users will control a dinosaur that leaps over a cactus en route. If you wish to play this dinosaur game, disconnect your device’s internet connection and launch the Google Chrome web browser; T-Rex will then appear. To access the game screen, simply press the Spacebar or tap the smartphone’s display.
Zerg Rush
The nonstop clicks of Zerg Rush are inspired by the legendary real-time strategy game Starcraft. Even if you have never played Starcraft, it is obvious that the Zerg are an alien race. In Zerg Rush, to kill enemies and prevent them from destroying your Google search results, you only need to click repeatedly. To play the game, type “Zerg Rush” into the search bar on Google.
Pac-Man is a very intriguing hidden Google game with a gameplay that has won the hearts of many. To commemorate the game’s 30th anniversary, this game first appeared on Google. There are four opponents, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, who freely roam the maze and attempt to capture Pac-Man. The player must guide Pac-Man through the maze to consume pac dots while avoiding these opponents. To launch the game, enter “pacman” into the Google search bar.
Snake, the most popular classic game on Nokia devices, has been incorporated by Google into its Chrome browser for the Tet holiday in 2013. To access this game, simply type “google snake” into the search bar and click the Go button next to the first result.
Since 1972, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs have developed the game Breakout. Possibly, you are overly familiar with this classic game from previous legendary game consoles. In the game, you will use a stick to catch the ball and direct it to destroy the maximum number of tiles. You enter “Atari Breakout” into the Google search bar and click on the first website that appears to support the game.

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