7 Best Character Mods In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

by naveediq.70

These changes for Marvel’s Midnight Suns will make any character stand out. They range from weird to wonderful.

In Midnight Suns, players can add different Marvel heroes to their team. Not only can they choose which characters to use, but they can also change how each one looks to make the best loadout. But sometimes having a lot of choices just isn’t enough. That’s where the fans step in.

Players have made several changes for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which is common in the market today. There are a lot of outfits here. Some of them honour Marvel’s long past with love, while others are just plain stupid. No matter where the mods fall on the range, fans can easily enjoy them.

Comic Recolors


Most comic outfits these days try to tone down the colour.The tones of well-known figures are dulled by artists and designers. The goal is to look more serious and less flashy. This way of thinking is all over movies, TV, and games, too. The funny thing is that the first comics were the most colourful and flashy of all time.

One modder misses the good old days. The heroes in the game have been made brighter. The bright blues and reds look like they just jumped off the page. At the time, only Captain America and Spider-Man are affected. But the mod says there will be more. So, long-time fans should be happy about this.

Thomas The Ghost Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine is one of the strangest but most popular mods. Gamers love to put the friendly train from the cute kids’ show into action and scary games.Another book in this series is Midnight Suns.

This mod puts Thomas in place of Ghost Rider. Even though that seems strange, it makes more sense with him than with other people. He has a motorbike, which is different from most Marvel heroes. On paper, this makes him move in a way that looks like a train. Even from his head, he makes smoke, though for different reasons. No matter what, Thomas can now add “saving the world in a Marvel game” to his long list of gaming achievements. Sir Topham Hatt would be pleased.

Deadpool The X-Man

Deadpool’s first choice is never to join the X-Men. The antihero doesn’t like how helpful and kind the mutant team is.He only joins them when he wants to make a joke. In that, he wears their standard yellow and black outfit over his red one. The colours clash on purpose, and he looks silly. Someone thought it would be funny to bring back that silly outfit.

So, players can dress Deadpool in his X-Men outfit that doesn’t match. The suit is funny to look at, and it also fits strangely. Midnight Suns focuses on playing as a team, which is something the X-Men do well. If the Merc with a Mouth got in on the fun, he would naturally make fun of the formula with this winking reference.

Blade’s Haircut

Blade has a lot of cool clothes, but this one is the best. “Blade 1602” gives the Daywalker a set of armour from the Middle Ages. It combines his normal trench coat with intimidating metal plating to make an outfit that any vampire would want more than blood. Only one thing is wrong with it.

His hair is a mess on his head. It makes him look less like Blade and more like someone who was kicked out of Peaky Blinders. This mod gets rid of that style, which is good. Instead, it gives Blade a shaved head, which fans are already familiar with. He looks better than ever because of this.

Ms. Marvel Classic

Over the years, many figures have changed their looks and even gotten new names. That’s what happened with Ms. Marvel.Carol Danvers stopped being this person and started being Captain Marvel. But every fan group has people who miss the old stuff.

This mod gives those people what they want because it changes Captain Marvel’s outfit to the old Ms. Marvel one. From red and blue to yellow and black is like going from day to night. The modder goes above and beyond by working with other hair changes. This gives Danvers her traditional long, flowing hair instead of the short hair she had before. Even though the physics aren’t perfect, the effort goes a long way (no pun meant) towards making Ms. Marvel look the same.

A Magik-al Keyblade

The Kingdom Hearts mythical sword, the Keyblade, has been showing up in more and more games lately. For example, in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, fans can unlock the magical key and use it as an alternative fighting weapon. Sora, who uses a Keyblade, is a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Also, changes have brought a lot more attention to the weapon.

This modder tried to show how popular Funny Shooter 2 game was by giving Magik a Keyblade. She has a sword already. Also, as her name suggests, her powers have to do with magic. She is even from a different world. Both Marvel and Kingdom Hearts are about going from one world to another, so the Keyblade fits Magik like a glove.

Wolverine (Without The Hat)

The Canucklehead usually wears his yellow and black X-Men outfit, but his street clothes are almost as well-known. He wears a wife-beater shirt and pants most of the time. But it’s his hair that really stands out. It stands up like horns or cat ears, which adds to his animal-like look.

Midnight Suns puts a cowboy hat on his mop, which seems odd. He has worn this kind of hat before, but he usually wears a jacket with it when he wants to stay hidden. It doesn’t fit well with his tank top.

Because of this, this fix gets rid of the heavy cap. Now Wolverine looks like the wild fighter he really is. He looks more than ever like he wants to fight.

Right now, you can play Marvel’s Midnight Suns on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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