8 Games We Wish Dead Cells Would Crossover With

by naveediq.70

These games would be great to cross over with Dead Cells.

Dead Cells, a 2D indie roguelite game made by Motion Twin, has been a huge hit since it came out in 2018. Since then, a lot of new content has been added to the game. The Everyone is Here update is one of the most interesting ones. Its name is a nod to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it includes material from indie games like Hollow Knight, Guacamelee!, Blasphemous, and others.

Since even more updates are planned for the future, there is still a lot of untapped potential for Dead Cells to cross over with other games and titles.

Spelunky 2


Spelunky 2 is the 2020 sequel to the 2D platformer Spelunky, which came out in 2008. Like its predecessor, Spelunky 2 lets up to four people explore caves together or compete against each other.

Spelunky 2 isn’t as much about guns as it is about exploring caves and finding good stuff. Still, as a sequel, it added new things, enemies, and mounts like Cave Turkeys and Rock Dogs, so any of those could show up in Dead Cells. But the rideable mounts are likely to be pets, since moving around in Dead Cells is pretty fast when the Prisoner is on their own.


Celeste is a 2D puzzle game that has been praised by critics. Unlike Dead Cells, it’s all about jumping, dashing, and getting past barriers, so there probably wouldn’t be any weapons. Instead, there would probably be items and outfits based on the game.

In Celeste, a strawberry or cassette tape helps open different endings and harder B-side levels. In Dead Cells, they could be special items that let the prisoner dash faster or rewind if something goes wrong, as long as the prisoner doesn’t die. Celeste’s score was praised by critics, so the cassette tapes could also play music from the game.


Flinthook is more of a sci-fi indie game than Dead Cells. It has a lot more colour and is generally more fun. But it would be cool if there were some things from Dead Cells in Flinthook. Dead Cells already has a grappling hook, so Flinthook’s laser gun and time shifter. Which temporarily slows down time, are more likely to show up as weapons.

There could also be a costume based on Flinthook and a pet version of the space pirate’s little ghost friend. Flinthook’s ghost doesn’t help in battle, but since he’s part of the pirates’ costume, maybe he could briefly blind enemies who attack the prisoner, sending them in the wrong direction.

Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary is a metroidvania game about raising monsters. The playable Monster Keepers use the monsters they capture not only to fight other monsters. But also to help them explore by using their special skills. Since Monster Sanctuary has monsters instead of guns, and Dead Cells already has pets, any monsters from Monster Sanctuary that come to visit would be the same kind as those already there.

The Blob, the Catzerker, and the Manticorb are the three most well-known monsters from Monster Sanctuary. So they are most likely to be added as possible crossover material. It would be quite a sight to see a two-legged cat with a sword facing enemies and bosses with the prisoner.

Ghost N’ Goblins

Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, a retro action platformer by Capcom, has a lot in common with Dead Cells. It’s known for being hard, and the main character fights a wide range of spooky and gross monsters.

Arthur is the main character of the series, and he is known for his knight armour sets and lance. The armour sets could be outfits for the Prisoner, or they could be items. That briefly make the Prisoner stronger and able to take a few hits. The Prisoner could even work with Arthur to kill waves of zombies, and the main characters from the spinoffs Firebrand and Maximo could also show up.


Since Dead Cells is already combining with Castlevania, it might as well combine with the other series that makes up “Metroidvania.” In addition to Samus’s different outfits and weapons from the Metroid series. The title alien creatures could show up as new pets that help the Prisoner on his trip that seems to go on forever.

Some bosses could also show up, and the Prisoner would have to fight them to get the tools and clothes listed above. As the Prisoner. It would be fun to fight characters like Kraid and Ridley with tools that Samus has never had.

The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link is the only Legend of Zelda game that is a 2D side scroller. If you don’t count the bad but meme-worthy Phillips CD-i games. It has some backtracking, which makes it a bit like Metroidvania games.

Many fans don’t remember it warmly because the gameplay changed so much. But if it were made again now, fans might be open to it because of indie games like Dead Cells. Since most of the weapons from Zelda 2 show up in other games in the series, it might be better to add bosses that are only in Drive Mad game, like Horse Head and Thunderbird, who would fit in well with the world of Dead Cells.


Even though both games are famous, Hades and Dead Cells have never played each other. Even though Hades is an isometric action game and not a side-scrolling one. Its weapons and skills could work well with the way Dead Cells is played since both games move pretty quickly.

Think about how strong the prisoner could be if they had the different abilities and gifts of the Greek Gods. It could make Dead Cells speed runs even faster and more fun than they were before. There could also be new outfits for the Prisoner, inspired not only by Zagreus. But also by other important figures like Hades and Megara.

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