CELPIP Online Coaching

by VerbalHub

Are you gearing up to conquer the CELPIP test and secure your future in Canada? If yes, then VerbalHub, which is CELPIP online coaching, is your companion in CELPIP online coaching. We stand with you in your journey of CELPIP prep as we know the worth of a high score in the CELPIP exam, and that’s why we offer specific coaching solutions to help you succeed.

What makes this CELPIP online training different from others?

CELPIP 1-on-1/Batch Training Program

Our CELPIP 1-on-1 training program, led by certified trainers, is designed to provide you with the personalized attention and effective learning strategies you need to stand out in the CELPIP test. we serve the following in the CELPIP online coaching program:

1. Personalised Training: Benefit from 34 hours of one-on-one training or small batch sessions with just 2-3 students. This ensures that your learning experience is accelerate to your unique needs.

2. Comprehensive Online Practice: Access our online student portal, which offers a wealth of resources, including 45+ drills covering all four CELPIP modules. Practice at your own pace and convenience.

3. Mock Tests: Test your skills with seven online mock tests, giving you a real feel for the CELPIP exam and helping you build confidence.

4. Faculty Support: Enjoy unlimited hours of support and result-orientated CELPIP guidance from our CELPIP-certified trainers throughout your CELPIP preparation journey.

5. Flexible Scheduling: We understand that life can be busy, so our flexible class timings allow you to choose when you want to study, making it easier to balance your preparation with other commitments.

CELPIP Self Prep

For those who prefer a more independent approach to CELPIP preparation, our CELPIP Self-Prep program is an excellent choice. Here’s what it includes:

● Extended Access: Gain six months of portal access, giving you ample time to prepare and practice.

● Mock Tests: Assess your progress with seven online mock tests, helping you track your improvement.

● Module-wise drills: Master each module with 48 module-wise drills that cover all aspects of the CELPIP test.

● Faculty Feedback: Benefit from faculty feedback and evaluation sessions to fine-tune your skills.

● On-the-Go Training: Stay connected and continue your training with our mobile app, available for Android devices.

CELPIP Test Series

If you’re looking to focus on specific CELPIP modules or simply want to assess your skills, our CELPIP Test Series is an ideal choice. Here’s what it offers:

Customized Practice: Select from our test series options, which include three mock tests, 15 drills on your chosen modules, and one-month access to the student portal.

VerbalHub is known for guaranteed scores at low cost. Even its effective CELPIP Online Coaching gives all-around grooming from score to communication and from learning to earning. Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction, self-paced learning, or targeted practice, we have the perfect solution for you. Prepare with confidence, and let VerbalHub be your guide for CELPIP’s success.

We appreciate the opinions, reviews, comments, and even questions hence you may write to us. We are bound to accompany you on your path to success. If you like our blog, share it with others who are looking for a booster course for their CELPIP preparation.

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