Green Line Bus Ticket Price Check, Services Offered & Bus Types

by Manoj Kumar

There are different transport companies out there which provide efficient bus services to its clients. The green line can be considered as one such firm that offers great bus transportation services. Here, we will be discussing in detail about the green line bus ticket price checking method, services offered & bus types.

As we have already mentioned, there are several transport companies out there and this can raise immense confusion in the minds of the people who are thinking about booking a service. In that case, they must gather a thorough idea about each of the available choices. This will help them to arrive at a particular transport company.

So, if the green line company is included in your choices, then please keep reading to find out their price checking process, attractive services, and available bus types.

Green line bus ticket price checking method

If you want the authentic price values, you must take the help of the official site of green line company. Here, we will be looking at the step by step process that has to be followed for ticket price checking.

1. The first step of this ticket checking process is going to the official site of the green line. Once this site opens, you will be able to see the bus ticket search option on the home page itself. Go through this option thoroughly and then proceed to the next step of the discussion.

2. You will see several vacant fields on the home page. The first field is for the FROM location. In other words, you will have to enter the name of the place from where you are going to start your journey.

3. Next vacant field is for entering the TO location or Destination. So, here you will have to enter the name of the place to where you are going. Make sure you are entering the destination information properly. Otherwise, you will be getting wrong bus information.

4. After entering the name of the destination, you will be asked to select the date of traveling. Once you click on this field, you will be getting a calendar. All you have to do is look for the desired traveling date and then select it.

5. Then, you will see a red coloured Search button at the bottom of these fields. Simply click on this Search button to initiate the process of bus ticket search. Once the search gets completed, you will see the available bus options along with the ticket price.

Attractive Services offered by Green line

We have found out the process that needs to be followed for the task of green line bus ticket price checking. Now, we will take a look at the different attractive services offered by this travel company.

  • Live Tracking Facility

The green line travel company provides the live tracking facility to the clients. This is extremely beneficial because it gives the clients and their close ones the capacity to find out the important information about the journey at each and every stage. So, they will be able to find out the current location of the bus very conveniently using this facility.

  • Sleeper Coach

Most buses of this travel agency come with sleeper coaches. Thus, if you want to enjoy a very smooth and comfortable traveling experience, then you must go for this sleeper coach facility. In this case, you will have to pay some extra charges. But, you will definitely get the best traveling experience of your life.

  • Free Wifi

Another interesting service offered by the green line travel company is Free Wifi access. So, you will be able to download and watch your favorite movies during the bus journey. You will also be able to perform a wide variety of other activities using this free Wifi service.

  • Charging Points

Charging Points are an absolute necessity when it comes to traveling. We usually carry our important devices, like mobile phones, laptops, etc while traveling. Sometimes, we might need to charge these devices during our journey. In that case, these charging points can definitely be used.

  • Professional Staff

The staff members present on the green line bus are extremely professional. You can always seek their help during the journey if needed. They will be happy to assist you and will make sure that you are comfortable.

Green line Bus types

Now that we know all about the green line bus ticket price checking method and services offered, let’s take a look at the different bus types that are available for the clients.

  • Seater Bus

As the name indicates, in this bus type you will be getting only a seating facility. It comes with 45 Seats and all of them have extra legroom. The seater bus has AC and free Wifi facilities.

  • Semi Sleeper Bus

In this case too, you will be getting 45 Seats that come with extra legroom. This semi sleeper bus also has free Wifi facility and AC.

  • Sleeper Bus

This bus comes with a sleeping facility and is thus very comfortable. If you are going on a long journey, then going on the Sleeper Bus will offer you great convenience. AC and Wifi services are present on the sleeper bus.

  • 9600s Bus

This can also be considered as a great bus type that is offered by the green line company. In this case, you will be getting 45 comfortable seats that have sufficient leg room.


We have understood all about the green line bus ticket price checking method, services offered & bus types. As we can see, this travel company is highly reputed and offers the best services. Their charges are very reasonable and you will be able to check the ticket price by following the step by step process mentioned in this discussion. Most reputed travel companies have a website of their own that can be employed for the purpose of checking the bus ticket price. Apart from that many other travel apps and websites give an indication about the bus ticket charges of a company. But, the information from these apps and random sites cannot be trusted. So, you must always try to check the ticket price using the official website of the green line company.  


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