Remake VS Original: Every Resident Evil 4 Boss Compared

by naveediq.70

The bosses in Resident Evil 4 Remake are both the same as the original and different.

When it comes to bosses, Resident Evil has never been cheap. Capcom knows how to make a good boss fight at the end of a part. From Nemesis and Tyrant to the crazy bosses in RE Village, they have done it all. The big bosses in Resident Evil 4 are some of the most famous in video game history. A good thing that the reboot does well to keep.

Resident Evil 4 gave the world a lot of top-tier boss fights, each with its own personality and power that can make even the best Leon S. Kennedy shake in his boots. Most boss fights from the original Resident Evil 4 are back in the remake, and they play out pretty much the same. Some people have become more aggressive, others have learned new moves, and some fights feel like they are totally different. Here is a list of all the bosses in the version of Resident Evil 4 and how scary they were in the original game.

Del Lago


Most likely, Resident Evil 4’s first boss is its most unique. Leon has to kill this huge lake monster by hitting its fleshy surface with an endless number of harpoons. You won’t have much control over the boat you’re stuck in, and most people do best to stay away from lake trash and Del Lago’s mouth. With only a few small changes, this boss fight is almost the same as the original.

First of all, Del Lago has gotten a small change. In the reboot, it looks more like an eel and seems to be a bit smaller, too. Also, in the original, Leon could be knocked into the lake, and you had to press buttons to get him back to the boat. The reboot, on the other hand, has a lot less QTEs, which is probably why this no longer happens.

El Gigante

The first time you fight El Gigante, he acts almost exactly like the original boss. This big troll still uses all of its old moves, and killing it is still the same. Shoot it enough times to make its parasite show up, and then either shoot at the parasite or jump on its back and cut at it with a knife. Even the “secret” way to make the fight a little easier was kept in the version.

If you did the only right thing earlier in the game and saved the dog from a bear trap, it will come here to help you. In the remake, however, it will then attack the giant’s legs, causing it to steamroll into a wall and be buried by falling rocks. This gives the bug a couple more chances to be attacked. After you kill El Gigante, you can look in its cave to learn more about it. This will fill out the background for this monster.

Bitores Mendez

Mendez is the boss of the end-of-village area. In the original, he was called “the big cheese” in a less formal way. The first big change stands out during a short chase scene that was added to the version. You have to get past a lot of angry locals while Mendez stomps after you, trying to catch Ashley. Then, when you get to the barn, you can really see how things have changed.

In the reboot, the whole barn fight is recreated with care. The fight is more interesting because Mendez can talk and tease Leon. Mendez looks the same as he did in the first game, but the fight is a little easier because there are more ways to kill him. The fire is the biggest problem. It’s a lot more dangerous than it was in the original, where the problem was mostly natural.


If you thought Garrador was scary in the first movie, the remake will make you want to change your pants more often. The biggest difference is in how it looks. In the new version, Capcom has gone all out to make it look scary. The body horror has been turned up, and Garrador now looks and sounds scarier because it is bigger. The first fight is already stressful, but when there are two of them, things get really bad.

The twin Garrador are now harder to fight than they used to be. If there are a lot of cultists, you won’t be able to plan strikes. If they make noise, you’ll have to kill them. The sound is the most different thing about the version. If either Garrador hears you, a scary sound will go off, and you only have a few seconds to move. Aiming for the back is the same in both cases—it’s still easier to say than to do.

El Gigante Armored

This boss is the only one who was not in the first game.Well, the fight with Armoured El Gigante is in the original, but he shows up early and in a different way in the remake, which is a nice treat.You fight him on the palace walls, where the armoured giant throws rocks at Leon while he tries to get to a cannon.

Cultists and parasites will make it hard for you to get to that gun. When the rocks start to fall, you’ll have to decide whether to fight or run. Lucky for them, the rocks can also kill enemies, which is a funny sight to see. When you get to the gun, point it at the giant’s face.


The gun battle between you and Verdugo is probably the boss fight that stays truest to the original. Verdugo makes Xenomorphs look like Chocobos, and both versions of Resident Evil 4 have the same scary look. You still have to stay alive until the lift comes, or you can try to kill Verdugo. There are small changes in the new version, but they are there.

Instead of using liquid nitrogen cylinders to freeze Verdugo, you set off showers that are hard to avoid. The only thing that makes this fight different is that people are scared. The Resident Evil engine is good at making kicking sounds, as Mr. X and Nemesis in Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 show. Verdugo moves very quickly and makes you feel like you can’t look back.

El Gigante & El Gigante Armored

Here, armoured El Gigante comes back, and another El Gigante joins him to reenact the famous double fight. The fight is the same in both versions: you can fight these two in a small, circular battlefield or drop them into a lava pit. The biggest change between the remake and the original is that Luis evens out the odds.

Luis does a good job of distracting you and making you think about a single giant. Most of the time, you fight the easier one that doesn’t have armour, which is better for your ammo. When he’s done, Luis will help you kill the armoured one by putting a lot of TNT on its back so that your gun can kill it.

Jack Krauser

The major who taught Leon everything he knows is an important part of the world of Resident Evil 4. He is the result of what happens when the parasitic infection mixes with PTSD, and the first time you fight him is in a melodic knife duel. In the original game, this part was done with quick-time events (QTEs). In the remake, you have full power, and you’ll need a strong mind to win.

Krauser comes back later in both forms, and the first thing he does is make Leon walk through a ruin full of traps. In the remake, it’s a lot more tense, and there’s even a scary part where a mutated Krauser is hiding in the dark. The end fight is pretty much the same, but in the remake, there is no time limit.

Ramon Salazar

In the reboot, the fight with Salazar has been changed a lot. In the first game, the snarky bad guy was stuck in his mutated form. Which made him one of the weaker bosses to fight. In the reboot, he can move around, do more moves, and talk a lot more. Salazar will always yell and moan, which fits his attitude and makes you want to hurt him more.

The boss looks like the boss in the game Carrion, which is a pile of fleshy tendrils with Salazar sitting in the middle. Spacebar Clicker game is much harder than the first one, so you’ll have to be smart about how you use the surroundings to block most of his attacks. You could try throwing him a couple of golden eggs.

Osmund Saddler

In both forms, the final boss is Osmund Saddler, who changes into a four-legged beast. In the remake, the setting is the same, but there are no time limits. Aim at Saddler’s open eyes until you can shoot out his mouth eye. Saddler will be back in an industrial setting, and he will be just as violent as before. The fight has changed in the remake, though.

Saddler can destroy large parts of the field and block off parts of it. He will also call up a bunch of novistadors who will wreck your supplies. You also have to damage the core of the beast enough for Ada to throw you the famous rocket launcher, which gives you a straight shot to win. Hasta luego!

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