Skinlite Cream: Treats Moderate to Severe Melasma

by Peterwilliam


Skin Lite Cream is a formulation that combines Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, and Mometasone furoate. These ingredients fall under the categories of Depigmenting agents, Retinoids, and Corticosteroids, respectively. In adults, this medication is used to treat melasma, a condition characterized by the presence of black patches on the skin. It is used in conjunction with sun-avoidance methods such as the application of sunscreens and the use of protective clothes.

Melasma is a common condition characterized by excessive synthesis of melanin, resulting in symmetrical dark spots on sun-exposed regions, particularly the face.

For optimal outcomes, it is recommended to refrain from sun exposure while undergoing treatment with SKINLITE CREAM. Prior to going outside, it is advisable to apply sunscreen and wear clothing that provides complete coverage for protection.

Prior to using SKINLITE CREAM, please notify your doctor of any existing liver, kidney, lung, or heart conditions.

The safety and effectiveness of SKINLITE CREAM has not been demonstrated in pregnant women and children under the age of 12. Seek guidance from your physician prior to use. Exercise care while using SKINLITE CREAM when nursing.

The most adverse effects associated with the use of SKINLITE CREAM are minor sensations of burning, stinging, redness, and dryness. Seek medical advice if any of the symptoms worsen or fail to improve. Buy Skinlite cream online at Cheaptrustedpharmacy.


It is administered to adult individuals for

Addresses melasma of moderate to severe intensity, characterized by the presence of dark patches on the skin.


SKINLITE CREAM is effective for treating melasma by using Hydroquinone, a skin lightening agent that inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme is responsible for the synthesis of melanin, the pigment that causes skin discoloration. Therefore, it aids in the reduction of pigmented areas on the skin. Tretinoin aids in the restoration of sun-induced skin damage (photodamage) by increasing the thickness of the skin layer and reducing the presence of keratinized cells.It aids in the revitalization of the skin. Mometasone furoate inhibits prostaglandin production, hence reducing erythema, edema, and pruritus induced by tretinoin and other cutaneous infections.


Follow the instructions provided by your doctor before using SKINLITE CREAM. This product is intended for exterior usage only. Prior to and after the use of SKINLITE CREAM, it is important to cleanse your hands. Cleanse your face with a gentle soap and ensure thorough drying. Apply SKINLITE CREAM in the evening and gently massage it until complete absorption. Refrain from making contact with your eyes, nose, mouth, or mucous membrane. Refrain from direct sunlight exposure during the use of this medication. The appropriate dosage and length of treatment will be determined by your physician, taking into account factors such as your age, body weight, and the severity of your problem.

Adverse Reactions of Skinlite Cream

Gentle sensation of heat
Painful sensation Inflammation Lack of moisture
Discontinue the use of SKINLITE CREAM and promptly seek medical advice if you encounter any of the following:

Infraorbital and paranasal fissures are anatomical structures.

Managing Side Effects: Dry Skin

Ensure enough hydration by consuming ample amounts of water, milk, and honey. Utilize sunflower oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, or petroleum jelly to hydrate the skin. Seek medical assistance if there is no improvement.


Administer a cold compress or damp towel to the afflicted region. Refrain from taking hot baths since the elevated temperature of the water might exacerbate skin irritation. Avoid scratching the afflicted region. Wear appropriate attire to safeguard yourself before venturing outside. Consistently hydrate your skin and provide calamine lotion as a cooling agent. Seek medical assistance if the symptoms persist.

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