Style guide to your voguish Casual Leather Jackets

by maddisonronald53

Indeed, leather jackets are timeless pieces of outerwear. There is no one that cant have a leather jacket in their closet. The liking and wanting of leather jackets is due to their high durability. Leather jackets are evergreen couture. If you go through the history, you will see only brown bomber jackets in men’s closets. However, nowadays, the evolution of leather jackets makes it necessary for every wardrobe, whether men or women. Indeed, leather jackets symbolize the sophistication in the wearer’s personality.

The evolution of leather jackets is fascinating. You can not deny that leather jackets add style, edge and attitude to your attire. Different types of leather jackets were introduced for over half a century. Thus, these jackets make their place in everyone’s hearts and wardrobes. Hence, so many Casual Leather Jackets can match your unique style.
Before buying a leather jacket, you may have a question about whether you want it. So, let’s clear your thoughts.
Indeed, leather jackets are cool. Everyone admits that adding a leather jacket to attire can heap the aura. Leather jackets add a magical extension to the wearer’s personality.

Leather jackets have the power to add versatility to your style. Thus, add your leather jacket with denim chinos or button-up shirt to tees, and your outfit says much more.
Leather jackets are the voguish yet aesthetic outerwear one can have. You can style them over the years; they will never disappoint you. In short, leather jackets are ageless.
You can style your leather jacket anywhere and everywhere. Leather jackets are comfortable to wear in every season. Whether it is a road trip or icey mountain hiking, a leather jacket stands beside you.

Hence, there are so many points to buy Casual Leather Jackets. Let’s discuss some cool leather jacket styles and make it easier to pick a leather jacket according to your style.

Flight Jacket

Flight jackets are the first piece in leather jacket history. Its two patch-flap pockets on the front and shirt-style collars make it different. In the late 1950s, pilots specifically wore these jackets, but you can wear them in modern times, too. It generally comes in brown and black colors. You can get your favorite flight jacket from our store, Bonton Wear.
However, you can style your flight jacket with a khaki pair of chinos or cotton pants with a button-up shirt and oxford shoes. It will go best for your formal lunch parties.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are the innovative version of flight jackets. They were introduced during World War I and II. Bombers have a zipper front closure. Also, there are two side pockets with a rib-knit around the collar. It mostly comes in brown or black color.
Indeed, bomber jackets add perfect style and grace to your attire. You can pair your bomber with a turtle-neck sweater and cotton pants. Also, pair it with white joggers, and you are ready to slay your day. In addition, you can also add a good pair of sunglasses with it.

Biker Jackets

Biker jackets were another early entry in leather jackets. Flight jackets also inspire these, but they have huge differences. The biker jacket has an asymmetrical set of zips, so it will not bother the rider while leaning on the bike. Also, it has a chest pocket on top, which adds style and also helps riders to keep their keys or money in it. Leather biker jackets are usually black.
Hence, you can style this biker leather jacket. This jacket can add toughness and masculinity to your entire look. Pair it with denim and a graphic t-shirt. Also, add a pair of leather boots or understated trainers, and you are ready to roam on the roads voguishly.

Field Jacket

The field jacket is more practical and specialized. It comes with more sets of pockets, layers and wide collars. The coat is the best choice for hiking or other utility purposes. It commonly comes in brown.
Moreover, a field jacket is the best outerwear for hiking or camping. It will provide warmth with style. You can pair your field jacket with a hoodie and denim. Also, add a pair of joggers. The entire look will be too comfy for your outside picnics. In Bonton Wear, we have different styles of field jackets just for you.

Leather Racer Jackets

Add chicness to your bomber, and you land on racer jackets. Hence, racer jackets come with more sophistication and ease in style. They commonly come with front zipper closure and zipper sleeves with a pocket on the front. This racer jacket adds a more clean and sharp look to a bike rider. It usually comes in black.
However, you can pair your racer jacket with denim or leather pants. Also, pair it with black leather shoes and ride like gangsta.

Shearling Leather Jackets

How can we forget the classic shearling jackets? These chic outerwear are a necessity of your wardrobe. It has faux shearling on collars and is made of pure leather. Thus, it adds royalty and vibe to your entire style. It usually comes in brown.
You can style your shearling jacket with a sweatshirt and khaki pants. Also, you can accessorize it with a silver chain and sunglasses. Indeed, it’s the most dapper option to style your shearling.


Hence, we discuss many different styles for your Casual Leather Jackets. You have so many options to style whatever leather jacket you have. Indeed, no matter how you wear it, a leather jacket is a must-have outerwear in any man’s closet. Buying a leather jacket includes picking the right color and jacket cut according to your style—also, the quality and price matter.
In short, Bonton Wear can solve all your queries regarding leather jackets. You can visit us and get the best leather jackets. We maintain quality and offer numerous jacket options that match your unique style and personality. You can get different sizes as well. So, please place your order now with us.

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