The Most Important Entrepreneurial Growth Drivers by Lamar Van Dusen

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The ability to recognize the full potential of a company and then taking the business to greater heights among of the biggest achievements for entrepreneurs.

According to Lamar van Dusen Although being an entrepreneur working in America United States of America is an exhilarating experience.

It has a variety of responsibilities, challenges and uncertainties regarding your next move. A variety of factors shape the future of your business and uncovering your potential as an entrepreneur.

What Exactly Is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is the perfect blend of risk-taking, creativity, and flexibility. Being an entrepreneur is to challenge the existing market and think of the norm.

An entrepreneur introduces a new product or service into the market in order to address the current market demands that any established company could meet. 

Being the founder and CEO of your company you’re responsible for all aspects of the operation including the planning, execution and financial management, advertising, operations, as well as supervision.

Lamar Van Dusen says every company’s founder needs help and resources in order to set their foundation and leave their mark on the industry. These elements that determine the future of a business are essential aspects of growth for any businessman.

The growth aspects of a business can differ based on a company’s internal as well as external conditions, including competitive developments, market trends, and other distinct features.

However, there are certain fundamental elements that every business owner must make use of to maximize their growth opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Growth Factors

Capital Availability

It’s the seed that gives life to the plant with the potential to develop into a huge tree. The seed of investment enables the business to grow and thrive in the future. For entrepreneurs, finance is the primary factor that can boost your business’s growth.

Your company requires funds to complete daily tasks, purchase machinery and workers to run commercial operations. They are part in the capital use for operations that helps lubricate the engine of your business.

Lamar Van Dusen says to create their businesses that the majority of entrepreneurs utilize their own resources and financing. There are however many different ways to raise money to fund your business. Grants from the government, investors in incubator facilities, angel investors Venture capitalists and incubation facilities are common sources of capital for entrepreneurs. It is essential to pick a solution for funding that aligns with your business goals.


Being different from other businesses is what makes the business successful. Every business owner needs to be innovative in order to succeed as it lets them create a new path in the market and get an advantage in the market.

The current market and stay ahead of their competition each entrepreneur has to be involve in ongoing actions.

Startups are strand in the middle of a muddy sea and need to find a way to get out, innovation is their lifeline. Different strategies can aid in encouraging creativity within your company.

Be aware of the changing trends in your industry and be on the lookout for new opportunities for your business. Regular meetings to brainstorm ideas and creative projects within your organization can aid in the creation of new ideas for your next business project.

Networking and mentoring with colleagues

It is crucial to develop an environment that is innovative. Startups typically have difficult avenues that can cause stress for the entrepreneur and frustration.

If you run a business that is constantly growing, you have to manage sleepless nights, preparing the next day’s schedule. Working within timetables, overseeing multiple departments simultaneously and being disconnect from family members.

A peer network can provide crucial psychological, physiological and emotional support for entrepreneurs. They are entrepreneurs who have traveled the same road as you and can offer you useful business tools, industry knowledge and well-established business leads.

Alongside peer support, a network of business professionals who have succeeded can offer valuable guidance throughout your company’s beginnings.

Business owners can instruct you from their own experience and guide you towards the right direction. Their advice can be helpful in overcoming obstacles. Mentors often introduce opportunities for newer companies. opportunities as well as assist you in making better connections with the market.


As the world is increasingly flood to the internet and all its requirements, it’s vital for businesses to have an online presence. According to Lamar Van Dusen the age of the internet is a dynamic one and new technologies are appearing regularly.

To keep ahead of your competitors You must stay current with the latest products and services offered by these new developments and adapt to the latest technologies.

Digitalization can boost the productivity and effectiveness of the company. It will help you improve data collection and analysis, link the masses by a couple of mice clicks.

It can also reduce overall costs through automation of processes. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, you can enhance customer experience and increase market share quicker than your rivals. Through digitizing your business can help you streamline your workday and focus on the most important issues that need your immediate attention.

Flexibility and adaptability

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic field. The market trends, the customer’s requirements and technological advancements can change anytime. Entrepreneurs need to be flexible to change and adjust their business plan to changes in the market. 

Being flexible allows businesspeople to take advantage of opportunities in the new market opportunities and remain ahead of the pack. If you’re able to adapt in your role as an owner, you will be able to acquire new abilities and adapt to new technologies quickly. This is an essential element to the growth of your business.


According to Lamar Van Dusen Entrepreneurship is an approach to living that lifts you over the ordinary and adds passion, energy and happiness to your daily life. It’s a risky and rewarding adventure, with plenty of challenges and lessons to learn along the way.

The enabling ecosystem is essential for the development of any business own by an entrepreneur. Growth factors are the components of the failing ecosystem that exert a substantial influence on turning the business around. 

If you decide to take direction of your company it is crucial to keep these aspects in your the back of your mind.

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