What Are Header Cards Used For?

by Robert Rogers

Header cards are known as bag toppers. It is a type of packaging that is used to present products to customers in a different method. The header card is rectangular and printed with thicker cardstock paper. They are folded over the top of the poly bag to protect the product inside the pack. A hole in the header card is punched out for hanging. Header cards are a great brand advertising tool. They can display a brand logo, tagline, and product information. It is easy to customize header cards in any size or style, So choosing custom header cards for brand promotion is great.

Customization of Header Cards

Header cards are customizable. It is easy to customize them in any size and style with decent color combinations. The common size of header cards is 3” x 4”, 4” x 4”, and 6” x 5”. However, it depends upon the header card design and other requirements. If you need blank header cards, you may print them according to their customized sizes. A poly bag with header card gives a striking display. The product inside the clear plastic bag is visible to customers. And printable header cards catch the eyes of customers to glance at the product. So make a killing first impression of your product with a customized header card. And drive the attention of more customers to your products.

Header Cards For Gift Packaging

Choosing header cards for gift bags and gift packaging is perfect. You have the liberty to print a logo on the header card along with a special message. This way, your gift will stand out with an exciting and appealing display. Personalize the header card in the way you want. Take advantage of custom bag toppers. Give your gift a special appearance. Decorate it in your own unique style using header bags packaging. Make your gifts more pleasant with custom printed header cards. Add more value to your gift packaging with custom bag toppers.

Using Custom Header Cards At Retail Stores

An innovative and creative header card design at a retail store mesmerizes customers. Header card is the ideal choice for small and lightweight products at retail stores. And header cards for retail packaging are already impactful. Whether it is about toys, candies, or stationery items, a header card is suitable for them. Simply pack your product in a clear plastic bag and close it from the top with a header card. Print your brand logo and necessary product information on the header card. So they are good for holding small and lightweight items at retail stores. Do not miss out on any chance of getting more visibility of your products at a retail store. Make your products more captivating with header bags packaging at retail stores.

Brand Advertising With Custom Header Cards

Header cards increase your brand exposure and attract more customers. They are a visual call to action and encourage customers to buy products. A brand builds its image in the market and in the minds of customers with header packaging. Because a header card packaging is a powerful tool. The product information like the ingredients, directions to use, benefits or warnings makes customers aware of before buying a product. It leaves a very positive impact on customers. It builds the trust of your brand in customers.

To Sump Up

Finally, product header cards are an effective marketing punch. They are not only helpful in product branding but also in creating awareness of a brand. Retail header cards leave your brand image and product information in the minds of customers. Keep in mind the importance of custom header card packaging and poly bag with header cards. To enjoy the best header card printing experience, get in touch with Custom Designs Boxes. You can get custom printed header cards according to your specifications. So, establish your brand image reputation with header bags. Allow customers to grab your products designed with a creative header card or bag topper.

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