What are the communication systems for facilitating remote work?

by Mahajan Verma

Unified communication systems like Univerge SV9500 help in creating a virtualized work environment for facilitating remote work.

Since most enterprises nowadays are giving remote work options, unified communication systems play a pivotal role in facilitating it. NEC India’s UC systems help in keeping the teams connected regardless of their physical locations.
The Univerge SV9500 offers a reliable communication system for enterprises that want to offer remote working options. The total cost of ownership of the UC system is very low, making it ideal for growing companies with a low budget.
The on-premise servers can be used to offer virtualized work environments. Applications that ensure better collaboration among teams located in different regions can be installed with this system.
Mobile client application enables the users to access facilities like visual voicemail. The users will be able to access the transcript of voice messages through email. As opposed to the sequential listening required using traditional voicemail, the visual interface of the system presents a list of messages for playback.
The system is scalable, and it can support up to 1,92,000 users. It can connect up to 4,000 IP stations and enables a wide range of end-points, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
Just one phone number can be used to reach the owner by the employees, whether at the desk or anywhere else. The user has access to a company-wide directory so that employees can easily find and call colleagues.
The system integrates with the existing IT technology as a fully interoperable IP or digital system. A single-point configuration and management ensures that administrators can set up and control the system from a central location. Troubleshooting is more efficient because administrators can identify and address problems from one location.
Some features of the system make communication more secure, including federation over applications. This ensures that only authenticated users have access to the systems.

Source referred – https://in.nec.com/en_IN/products/private-network-solutions/products/small-medium-businesses/univerge-sv9500.html

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